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Worship & Work

Deep calls to Deep

At the heart of the 1500 year Benedictine spiritual tradition, "Worship and Work" succinctly describes the daily rhythm and spiritual dynamic of the monks of the Order of Saint Benedict.

A vocation to Worship, the first Work of the Benedictine monks is Worship. The Benedictine Work of Worship; the liturgy of the hours, daily Mass, and the ancient tradition of lectio divina, strives to serve to the spiritual need of the world and Church.

Daily Work among the Benedictine monks articulates and punctuates the spiritual life of the community, giving physical expression to the spiritual fruits of a life of Worship.

Worship inspires Work. 
Work reveals Worship.


Come to the Feast


Come to the Feast


Liturgical Theology of, by, and for Everybody

Michael Kwatera, OSB


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One of the strong vital signs of the assembly today is the prevalence of lay persons exercising ministerial roles within it. Such welcome developments as promoting liturgical life within our communities through an adequate formation of ministers and of all the faithful has helped make the liturgy the people's work once again. In Come to the Feast, Michael Kwatera, OSB, celebrates and affirms the valuable, necessary ministry of lay persons in the liturgy. 

As an introduction to liturgical ministry or as a means of renewal in such ministry, Come to the Feast offers reflections on why liturgical ministry is important, and comments on the spirit and attitudes that can best shape such ministry. A selection of meditations and prayers drawn from various Christian traditions is included. These texts may be used for personal, prayerful preparation before liturgy.

Chapters are The Church Door Speaks, Come to the Feast! An Invitation for Guests and Servants, Changing Water into Wine, Making the Liturgical Ministry Quilt, The Waiting Lord, In Company with Angels and Archangels . . . ., Hospitality's Bed, Table, Chair and Lamp: God Really Loves to Have Us, Chosen Race, Royal Priesthood, Holy People: A Place for Us, We Have Seen the Lord! and Lift Up Your Hearts: Meditations and Prayers.

Fr. Michael Kwatera, OSB, PhD, is director of Oblates for Saint John's Abbey, Collegeville, Minnesota. He's a teacher and practitioner of Christian liturgy and the author of several Liturgical Press books, including Come to the Feast: Liturgical Ministry of, by, and for Everybody.

Product number: 1521

ISBN: 978-0-8146-1521-8

Pages: 72

Trim Size: 5 3/8 x 8 1/4

Publication Date: 12/01/2005