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Worship & Work

Deep calls to Deep

At the heart of the 1500 year Benedictine spiritual tradition, "Worship and Work" succinctly describes the daily rhythm and spiritual dynamic of the monks of the Order of Saint Benedict.

A vocation to Worship, the first Work of the Benedictine monks is Worship. The Benedictine Work of Worship; the liturgy of the hours, daily Mass, and the ancient tradition of lectio divina, strives to serve to the spiritual need of the world and Church.

Daily Work among the Benedictine monks articulates and punctuates the spiritual life of the community, giving physical expression to the spiritual fruits of a life of Worship.

Worship inspires Work. 
Work reveals Worship.

Vezelay: Basilica of Saint Mary Magdalene; matted

Fr. Jerome Tupa

Vezelay: Basilica of Saint Mary Magdalene; matted


Vezelay: Basilica of Saint Mary Magdalene; matted


Vezelay: Basilica of Saint Mary Magdalene (France, oil on canvas)

10 x 13
Small print format
Matted Tan

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